I highly recommend downloading and playing it, the web version is kinda buggy and relatively untested.

Made for my second Ludum Dare.


  • Arrow keys to move.
  • Z to plant
  • X to harvest/feed
More detailed explanation below:

You win when the timer above the altar reaches 0.

You can hold up to 8 fruits at a time.

Pressing X while in front of a plant will harvest it. When you harvest a plant, you will get the fruit added to the front of your inventory. If your inventory overflows, overflowing items will be deleted.

Pressing Z will plant the last item in your inventory. Each plant takes a slightly different time to grow all of its fruit. When all of its fruit have been grown it will start to lose fruit, and eventually die.

Plants grow at a slightly accelerated rate on the far half of the map.

The stone baby will need food, the food it needs is displayed above the altar. If a fruit is solid that means it needs that fruit.

You can give it the last fruit in your inventory by pressing X near the altar. If it doesn't need the fruit you have, it won't take it.


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